The frost-proof and perfectly driveway cotto, ideal for exterior floors!

The frost-proof and perfectly driveway cotto, ideal for exterior floors!

When choosing a floor for external, variables to consider are many more and much more complex than the interior floor tiles, this must be taken into account because of weathering that affect the materials they choose.

The external floor must be frost-proof, must be perfectly driveway, must be resistant to water and any other agent. All of which belong to the terracotta of The Masters Fornaciai!

Many people think that the terracotta is not very suitable for this kind of flooring and also often have reason … but there is terracotta and baked!

Our handmade terracotta stands out from all the others because it manages to be baked at a temperature much higher than typical baked ones such as Tuscany.

This is because the composition of the clay has its very special characteristics, rich in silica and low in iron (which instead is rich reddish terracotta), and allows it to reach a cooking temperature to over 1150 ° C!

This high temperature allows the silicon to sublimate, it becomes almost glass and go to form a surface layer of hard, resistant to frost and shock, perfectly suitable for vehicles, which in time will not lose the original cohesion.

The other types of terracotta, all that Tuscan cooking temperatures do not reach above 900 ° C and that is why our terracotta is… In addition, the clay we use is mixed with water and air but is pressed. This means that our material is not present inside the alveoli that over time encourage the breakdown of terracotta. We press the clay and it is for this reason that our product weighs a lot more than other similar materials.

If you still have any doubt about why our terracotta is the ideal material for your outdoor floor, then watch these 2 videos…

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